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Our FREE preliminary assessment saves you time and money because our network of real estate experts will determine your probability of success before you commit to an appraisal.

We're dealing with your home-possibly your most valuable asset. So we will build a property tax reduction strategy based on your unique situation. Our rigorous approach has enabled us to be successful in 90 percent of the cases that we handle.

Our years of experience in property evaluation and our professional contacts throughout Westchester County prepare us to develop a compelling argument on your behalf. We make it easy for you to be successful.

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The top reasons we hear from our readers are:  

  • Many believe that they won't get a fair shake
  • others believe that it is not worth the effort.  
  • Still others want to, but don't know how.         

Can you identify with any of these reasons?
Maybe you have your own reasons that you want to talk to us about.         
We are here to assist you with these concerns, plus any others you might have.           
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We want you to only pay only what is fair.
What we do as your Property Tax Consultant is get you the best possible outcome from your property tax grievance. We will handle every step of the protest process, which includes the Small Claim Assessment Review when necessary.

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